Massage + cannabis (english) - Tori
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Massage + cannabis (english)

Taking advantage of the healing, relaxing and stimulating characteristics of Cannabis without the need to consume it through your lungs.

​Cannabis oil

We benefit from the multiple healing attributes of our loved plant, and utilize it like in ancient times: as a topical. It is applied directly to your body with an ultra relaxing therapeutic massage.

The oil is an infusion with cannabis, completely natural, that penetrates through the skin and acts as a relaxant and anti-inflammatory.

You feel the effects in your body but not in your brain. It’s not psychoactive. The infusion is also great for your skin!

Body maintenance

Massage is a great way to communicate with your anatomy.

You’re basically thanking your body for working inexhaustibly for you. Direct heat and pressure to your muscles, bones, fibbers and organs are essential.

Massage is one of the best ways to get rid of residual energies that become glued to us in the flow of life. This is the energetic waste that we leave stagnant in our body, mind and spirit. It becomes part of us in the form of pain and discomfort. This waste is embedded in our bones, muscles and everything that shapes us. Cannabis oil massage will remove the rubbish to get you up and running fresh and clean.