About Me - Tori
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I was born and raised in México City. Currently living in the beautiful city of Barcelona where I studied and practiced the Californian massage technique.

A fundamental part of my life is giving maintenance to my body, mind and soul by practicing sports and movement.

I provide massage therapy and infuse my own massage oil with the cannabis plant, making a potent and effective non-psychoactive anti-inflammatory.

I strongly believe that massage is an elemental and basic maintenance practice that brings wellness to you by achieving a complete state of relaxation.

Cannabis and massage therapy are a perfect combination of elements that potentialize all the healthy benefits of the practice and the plant as well.

Our body is an amazing machine that works for us non-stop, and transports us trough the experience of life. By giving it the right maintenance, we’re making sure this experience its deeper and better.

Caring for your body is also involving your mind and soul into a more healthy state of existence.

I promote and support wellness by providing the experience of massage. I also support the responsable use of cannabis by obtaining its benefits into a medicinal non-psychoactive topical use.

–  Marcos Tawil, massage therapy.

A non-typical massage room

You will find yourself submerged in a room with:

  • HQ sound system for you to not only hear the music but to also feel the vibrations of a carefully selected soundtrack.
  • Diffuser with delicious essential oils that will stimulate your brain activity during your massage session.
  • A nice comfy massage table where you will let your worries melt away.
  • Natural scented water.